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Create the Perfect Meal

We established the Fighting Burrito to help those who love the “mission” style burrito, build a healthy burrito with more fresh toppings! The custom burrito lets you choose the perfect burrito for you! See our custom burrito menu!


Try One of Our Favorite Fighters   

For those who find that 2.6 million different burrito combinations is just a little too much too handle, we developed the Favorite Fighters menu, bringing together some of our favorite combinations in six delicious signature meals, named after some great individuals who knew the value of a noble fight…and who probably could have benefited from a Fighting Burrito in-between battles!

View our online ordering menu or view our menu as a PDF.


Allergies and Avoidances

We make almost all of our food in-store. All our meats and salsas are prepared fresh! This allows us to control exactly what goes in our food and transitively, your belly. Find our list of allergens and avoidances here.

Nutrition is a Mission

We built this menu, not only so it would taste amazing, but to keep you alive a long, long time. We add more flavors than almost anyone and most of them are good for you too. To get into the details, you can access our nutrition calculator from any page. Its your body, you should know what's going into it.



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